What Makes A Perfect Herb Grinder?

If you are looking for a high quality weed grinder, you certainly have a wide variety of items to choose from. The modern market is swarmed with accessories of multiple shapes and sizes, produces from different materials. It may be hard to choose the best herb grinder, and in this article we present an in-depth look at the grinders and review the most popular models up to date.

Let’s get straight to business.

What are Grinders meant for?

Basically the device that we are looking at is a compact circle shaped accessory that is used to ‘grind’ the herbs, making the material smaller and way easier to handle.

The weed grinders generally come in two or four pieces. What is the difference between two kinds? The one that has extra parts features a comfortable option – there is chamber for all the processed material. All of the herbs are conveniently collected inside herb grinders for further use – you don’t have to find a place to dump it. However this is not critical since some people prefer to have a special tray for these purposes or roll it in paper.

All of the items that are available in the market work pretty much the same.

The tobacco grinder consists of two parts – top and bottom respectively, that are separated by twisting. Both of them have sharp edges (the so called ‘pegs’) that are aligned against each other and crush the material to small pieces.

How do I use a grinder? Step by step guide

To start with, place the herbs into the top part of the herb grinder.

  1. Twist the accessory from five to ten times until you can no longer hear the crunching sound;
  2.  You may have to tap it a couple of times on the sides to loosen up the material that got stuck;
  3. Before you proceed to open the pot grinder, you should make sure that the bottom part is actually in your palm – you don’t want the material to drop on the floor, do you?
  4. Now you can turn the box upside down and shake out the herbs ready to use;
  5. If there are some remaining bits in the weed crusher that simply won’t get out, have no worries – all you need to do is to close the box and make a few more twists.

What are the pros and cons of using a grinder?

Pros First of all, the material that has been processed with the best weed grinder is way more potent than the herb in its original state. By turning large chunks into smaller pieces you can increase the surface area that is exposed to the source of fire – thus the joint burns better;

Pros Another important thing to consider is that when you crush the herbs with a bud grinder your skin actually soaks up the enzymes which leads to lesser effect when vaporizing the herbs;

Pros The grinded material yields much better taste and a rich aroma. By using good grinders to assist you in preparing the joint you open up a totally new side of the herb, one that you may have never seen before. This is a well-known fact; the chefs often use the grinders to enrich the flavors;

Pros Save some more with premium grade cost effective solutions. By utilizing pot grinders you can get more use and better effects from a lesser amount of material;

Pros Preparing the herbs with a grinder at hand is at least twice as fast as doing the same thing with your hand;

Pros By using the best grinder for weed with built-in catcher you can preserve the amount of valuable pollen that adds an extra kick to the effect.

What kinds of grinders can I find in the market?

As soon as you start scouting the market for the right herb grinder, you will stumble upon a variety of options that look similar. The horrible truth about the best weed grinders is that there only a few top grade pieces out there that you actually want to have, the rest offers an intermediate mix of quality and term of service; some may offer rather disappointing performance, to say the least.

Let’s take a look at the different types of grinders and determine their features judging by grinder reviews:

markAluminum – this is the most widespread type that is affordable and cost efficient.

markWooden – you might want to use these herbal grinders if you are a big fan of natural materials, but beware: some of them have a finish on the inside that may emit harmful chemicals and have a bad influence on your health. Besides, they don’t last for too long and have to be replaced rather often.

markTitanium – you get some outstanding durability for your money, but don’t let the ads trick you; it is rather common for a manufacturer to list their items as ‘titanium’ when they are actually simply coated in it, while the contents are actually produced from aluminium.

markAcrylic or Plastic – this is a cheap cannabis grinder for several bucks, but it is not generally recommended to use it unless you really have no other option. The downside is that chunks of plastic may get mixed with the herbs because of their poor durability. You will end up inhaling burnt plastic which is by no means beneficial for your health.

markHand Crank – it doesn’t offer that much of a precise control over the process, thus some people may dislike it, but overall it does its job.

markElectric – a high end herb crusher type that hasn’t yet conquered a top place in the market. One of the primary reasons behind it is probably that you don’t need electricity to do this kind of work.

If you try to go with no grinder after you’ve been using metal herb grinder for a while, you will most likely feel uncomfortable. It is the same as refraining from using your iPhone and trying to with an old Nokia.

Top 3 grinders in the market

There are some grinders for weed in the market that have actually conquered popularity thanks to their positive features. People find themselves coming back to these devices after years of use thanks to their quality and grind results.

Before we get to the detailed reviews of the best grinders for weed in segment, there is one thing to keep in mind – this is no advanced machinery, and every item works pretty much like the other. We will focus more on their advantages and disadvantages instead.

Let us introduce the best in the industry.

Space Case Grinder

space-case-grinderThese cool herb grinders are produced by one of the most well known names in the market. It is made from premium grade materials – aluminium coated in titanium. One of the most convenient advantages of this item is its smooth turning motion that allows to create a consistent result. You will appreciate the sharp teeth of this item as well. The Space Case comes with a 2-piece or 4-piece box.

Pros. You can store your herbs inside, grind them easily and collect pollen at the bottom. The item also features a built-in magnetic lid that keeps the container securely shut while you twist it.

Cons. The only downside of these cool weed grinders is probably its price. The accessory is definitely a high end device that is way more expensive than average. Yet, it’s a sound investment that you will enjoy for many years.

Here is a handful tip on how to use the Space Case – don’t put the herbs in the middle. Twist the material in circles around the center.

How much are grinders by SpaceCase? The retail price starts at $65.

Santa Cruz Grinder

Let’s take a quick look at this one. To start with, it is a 4-piece shredder produced from aluminium – just like the previous one. It has a really strong built in magnet that keeps the box shut under any conditions. Thanks to this feature of the custom weed grinders the contents remain fresh over an extended period of time.

Among its many advantages we would like to point out at these. This item cuts both ways unlike the majority of accessories in the market. With these grinders weed can be dissected into pieces no bigger than one and a half millimeters in length. The manufacturer uses anodizing to provide the necessary sanitary precautions.

What about the cons? Once again, just like the Space Case, the best grinders are not the most affordable option in the market, but it’s cheaper than the one listed above.

In order to make the most use of the herbs in this marijuana grinder, use it upside-down. Take the container apart and insert the material into the ‘bottom’. After this place the other section on top of it. Follow these steps for a fine grind.

The average price tag for the Santa Cruz starts at $60.

Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder

magic-flight-finishing-grinder1Let’s start with a quick overview. This grinder for weed is a premium grade wooden shredder, and it’s price is about a half of those grinders listed above. The ‘Magic Flight’ is made up of two pieces which means that there is no container to catch the material. You should prepare something to collect the herbs.

This is an example of great craftsmanship in marijuana grinders for an affordable price. You will enjoy using it, however there a few things to keep in mind. First of all, the teeth are made of wood which means that they may be somewhat hard to clean. You won’t be able to use it on the go since you need to collect the material that falls underneath.

Grab a vaporizer that fits with this herbal grinder, and you will find it much easier to use the ‘Magic Flight’. If you want to turn your material to powder, this accessory is exactly what you are looking for – you can use it to crumble parts after another grinder.

The average cost for this device is about $39.

What is the best herb grinder?

santa cruzThough the ‘Space Case’ is among the best known brands in the industry, the ‘Santa Cruz’ is the best marijuana grinder at the moment. It shreds the herbs to tiny pieces, the case and teeth are produced from top grade materials, and all of its advantages come at a reasonable price.

Remember that cheaper grinders won’t let you save a lot in the long run. You get a weed grinder amazon at a low cost, but it won’t last as long as a moderately priced item produced for long term use. Thus even if you can spend no more than $5 at the moment, it is worth saving up a bit and getting a decent grinder.

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