The space case grinder offers the top quality american grinders that have ever been presented in the market. What makes these items the best in the industry? They are produced from top grade materials and offer a unique mix of outstanding design and high end performance. They can also boast an extended term of service. Thousands of users claim that these shredders are hands down the best that american manufacturers have to offer.



Space Case Grinder Review


To start with, let’s take a look at the material this item is produced of. The manufacturer uses top quality aluminium alloy to produce the casing and adds titanium coating to ensure that the item remains intact under any conditions. Thanks to this solution the material sticks less to the razor sharp ‘teeth’ and the item is much easier to clean. Another significant advantage is that the herbs never get mixed up with aluminium dust – the material remains clean and potent.

Aside from outstanding performance, the space case grinders also offer exquisite looks with its thin profile and smooth anodized surface. The item is convenient to use thanks to its shape and size. The accessory also includes O-shaped rings produced from Teflon – thanks to them you can enjoy reduced friction. The ‘Space Case’ can be used by people who suffer from hands injury or a permanent condition. The shredder is well built and the parts fit together perfectly.

The accessory is available in the market in the market in different types – the more affordable 2 pieces and space case 4 piece grinder options are available for you to choose from; as a bonus comes a pollen catch screen and a compartment for the material. The items are produced in three different sizes ranging from small to large. The 4 piece shredders boast kief screens (the 2 piece types don’t have it) made from the best quality crystal in the market.

Another great addon to the item are magnetic lids that keep the box reliably shut. Thanks to this feature you may put the grinder in your pocket and be a hundred percent sure that the contents won’t get out. You shouldn’t be afraid of dropping the container as well.

Now let’s talk a bit about the performance of this device in our space case review. If you need to shred the herbs nice and easy, this is your sure bet. The process goes way faster and the middle compartment can hold rather large amounts of herbs. All of the materials that you put inside are shredded and can then be placed in a vaporizer – nothing remains inside. The accessory maintains extraordinary high quality over years of use and boasts high resistance to the daily tear and wear.

What about the cons?

There are two things that customers tend to complain about – the price and the herbs sticking to the walls if you put in a lot of material. You can solve the issue by shaking the box a couple of times. Despite the above average cost is the primary matter that people find crucial, you actually get what you are paying for.

The cheaper devices won’t last that long – you will soon see the teeth break or go blunt. When this happens you’ll have no other option than to get yourself another grinder. As a result you won’t save much by picking a low cost item.

Grab a high quality space grinder and you will enjoy its advantages for years to come! The ‘Space Case’ comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Space Case Grinder
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