Looking for a premium quality 4 piece grinder that is easy to maintain? Take a look at the Kannastor grinder – it definitely has something to offer. The company produces shredders that are easy to clean; their performance is ensured with a warranty against any kinds of malfunction. On top of that you get clear tops and sides!

Kannastor grinder Review

Here is a list of special features these shredders have to offer.

To start with, these items feature removable kief screens – the brand offers a range of shredders with screens that can be easily cleaned and replaced. As soon as you don’t feel comfortable using it any longer, just get a new one for $1.00 – you don’t have to replace the whole device.

Innovative solutions – the teeth feature a shape that allows for easy shredding, and a drop-thru hole that prevents over-shredding – once the pieces are just the right size you can easily extract them from the container. The kief catcher is protected by a screen guard that ensures long term of service.

Get a good view of what’s going on inside with the clear sides and lids. Some people may complain about this item not having enough colorful options, but you’ll be able to see the very process of grinding instead. It is rather useful to keep control of the herbs that are left.

Are there any downsides about the Kannastor?

You may hear sometimes that the screens are not so easy to replace, but you won’t have to swap them frequently.

What are the options available?



This is a Kannastor shredder that consists of 2 Pieces. You may choose from a wide range of styles. If you want a really small item that you can carry around hanging on your neck like a pendant, go for a small 1 inch wide grinder. Larger options include a shredder with 2.5 inch diameter and optional clear lid.

The range of options also includes a 2 piece shredder with a 1.5 inch solid lid and a 2.2 inch solid or clear top. All of the items listed above are great for everyday pocket carry.

Muli chamber grinders – they consists from 4 or 5 pieces and brings advantages of the modular systems to the table.

Solid Body


This one comes in four different sizes including a mere 1.5 inch diameter with a solid top, mid-sized options of 2.2 and 2.5 inches with solid or clear lids and a relatively large container with a 3 inch diameter.

Another option you should consider is a 3 inch wide 5 piece shredder with two kief screens instead of one – thanks to this solution you can get the highest quality kief.

You can purchase this Kannastor for $40 to $100.

Clear Jar



The advantage of this 4 chamber grinder is that the transparent sides let you see how much weed you have at the moment. The lids have strong magnets built into them, thus you can be sure that you don’t spill the valuable contents.

The clear jar multi chamber grinders come in three sizes. The 2.2 inch and 2.5 inch sizes are available with a clear or solid tops. In addition, a 3 inch crank top version is available for those extra sticky icky times when needed.

Go for one of the three sizing options starting at 2.2 inches and going all the way up to 3 inches. Clear and solid tops are available.

The price varies from $60 to $100.


The Kannastor brand offers some top quality grinders, and you get some really cool stuff for your money. The innovative solutions used in their products make the shredding smooth and the resulting material even. Clear sides allow you to see how much you have left at any time. The accessories come in a wide range of sizing options and on top of that you get removable kief screens.

Keep in mind that you can save up to 50% of the price by ordering your Kannastor grinders online instead of buying at your local shop.

Kannastor 4 chamber grinder
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Kannastor 4 chamber grinder