How to remove kief out of a grinder?

First of all, what is kief and how beneficial is it for people who smoke weed?

See that powdery stuff in the bottom of your grinder? That’s kief. However, even though many of you have heard this name before, some people know very little about this thing. So what is kief exactly?

clean grindersKief is those tiny crystals that you can notice on the top of the marijuana bud. But why does this stuff matter and what can you make with kief after collecting it? Very often kief is used as an addition to marijuana in joints, blunts, bongs, and bowls because its levels of THC are quite high. It’s a proven fact that kief’s THC potency increases the qualities of marijuana so that you won’t need much of it to achieve the desirable effects.

The word “kief” comes from colloquial Arabic “kayf” which means “pleasure”, “well-being”. It is also sometimes transliterated as keef or keif, that’s why it’s possible to see queries like “What is keef?” or “What is keif?” when you’re reading about this stuff on the Internet.

When it comes to collecting kief, the only thing that you can use is a grinder. Most grinders are usually divided into 4 compartments one of which (the bottom one) designed specifically for that purpose. The best way to collect kief while grinding marijuana is to just shake or bang your grinder until you make sure that the bottom compartment is definitely fuller than it was before. By the way, almost every marijuana grinder has several compartments (you can easily screw them off) which are   designed like parts of a metal circular device that kind of looks like a hockey puck. It works like that: the top compartments of a grinder shred marijuana, and the bottom ones store it and collect kief.

Usually people brake marijuana up and make blunts or joints out of it. However, if you do it with just your hands and not a grinder, you lose lots of kief which is actually very important to people who smoke weed.

Why is it so important? A lot of people are often wondering how to achieve the desirable effects of marijuana without risking their health. There is a great option – just smoke or consume kief instead.

One of the essential chemicals in marijuana is THC which is basically what you get when you collect kief. Therefore, you won’t need to smoke much of it to achieve the best results.

Kief is usually made from the leftovers of a cannabis marijuana plant (buds, leaves). You can just rub them over a mesh screen (just make sure it’s stainless steel) or use a grinder which is way easier. Of course, some people might think that purchasing such a device is basically pointless, because kief gets stuck in the grinder as well, and therefore you end up losing kief anyway. However, it’s not the same thing – when you collect kief with your hands, lots of it definitely goes to waste, but if you use a grinder you can actually make sure that you’ll get as much product as you possibly can by sticking to 2 simple methods we’re going to share with you right now.

How to collect stuck kief after using a grinder?

how to cleanWhen using a grinder, you always have to deal with stuck kief. And it is quite annoying – to see how much product just goes to waste. Lots of people using a knife or other sharp objects in order to get kief out of their grinders but sometimes such methods just don’t work. That’s why there are questions like “What do I do with kief that is left in my grinder?”, “How to get stuck kief out of a grinder?”, and so on.
Don’t you worry – we’re going to share with you 2 ways to get stuck kief from grinders with little effort.

According to the first method, all you have to do is to just put your grinder in a freezer. When your device gets cold, kief just breaks off the metal and fills the bottom compartment (if you don’t have a grinder yet and plan to buy one, make sure it has a compartment that is designed for storing kief). Leave your grinder in a freezer for as long as you possibly can, because it increases your chances to get more kief in the end. However, if you feel like you’ve waited long enough and kief is still stuck to some parts of the grinder, use a small paintbrush to collect it.

The second method involves filling a jar with ISO alcohol, then taking your grinder apart, putting it in that jar and leaving it like that for some time. After making sure that all parts of your grinder are free of stuck kief, take them out and pour that alcohol with removed kief into a Pyrex dish. Wait until the alcohol evaporates fully so that you could get just kief in the end. And that’s it, you’re done!

These methods really work wonders when you want to collect as much kief as possible. Moreover, having a well-maintained, clean grinder should be a part of your routine so that you could avoid any problems in regard to its efficiency or your health.

How often should you clean your grinder?

When it comes to cleaning grinders, you don’t have to do it as often as the paraphernalia you have to use when consuming weed – whips, bongs, pipes, or slides / stems.

But when exactly it is time to clean your grinder? The answer to this question is pretty obvious: when pieces of marijuana get stuck in the teeth of your device or your kief filter clogs way too much to work properly, you definitely need to clean it.

While trying to figure out how to clean a weed grinder, keep in mind that regularly removing stuck pieces of plant from its teeth is way easier than cleaning the whole thing. Here’s one tip for you: place your weed on the outer part of your grinder’s teeth instead of inner circle, because it seems to get stuck less when you do it this way.

The best weed grinder cleaning technique

In order to get your grinder nice and clear, you will need things from the following list:

Prossome paper (a simple sheet or a paper plate);

Prosfreezer (not necessary);

Proscleaning tools of your choice (toothpick / toothbrush / Q-tips / etc.);

ProsISO rubbing alcohol;

Proscontainer / jar (it’s best to use those that are made of glass);

Prossink with hot water;

Prostowels (paper, dish – doesn’t really matter);

Proshairdryer (if you need your grinder ASAP after cleaning it).

So here is what you need to do step by step:

markIf you feel that your grinder needs some extra cleaning, just use the same method we suggested you in regard to stuck kief – put your grinder in a freezer for some time (~20 minutes is enough).

markGive your grinder a good shake (when it’s closed).

markCarefully remove each piece of your device onto a sheet of paper (or a paper plate) and collect as much valuable kief as possible. If some of it is still stuck, use a toothbrush or a toothpick.

Warning: avoid using any sharp objects that can damage your grinder.

markPut all pieces of your grinder in a jar filled with ISO rubbing alcohol for approximately 5 minutes (no longer than 10).

markIn order to clean each piece from the remains of weed, use Q-tips.

markDon’t get rid of used rubbing alcohol – remember out little trick about letting it evaporate until you’re left with some extra kief? You might as well try it.

markRinse all pieces of your device under hot water and leave them to dry on a paper towel (or you could just use a clean dish one).

markMake sure that your grinder is completely dry before using it again. If you’re in a hurry, just blow dry each piece briefly.

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