electric-weed-grinderWhen it comes to choosing which grinder to buy, wouldn’t it be better to purchase an electric herb grinder than a manual one? Some people stick to traditional grinding approach while others enjoy the benefits of electric devices. But which one should you buy then?

In this article we’re going to discuss pros and cons of electric grinders so that you could decide yourself are they truly worth buying or not.

 Electric herb grinder Review


1) Convenience

This quality is pretty much obvious – of course, when you use an electric weed grinder, you put basically no effort whatsoever to grind your herb. All you have to do is load the leaves into the small bowl, make sure it’s securely attached to your device and then just turn it on and watch your weed get chopped into tiny pieces. It literally can’t be easier than that since you can get your herb ground up simply by pressing one button.

2) Speed

Of course, when you use an electric grinder, weed turns into little pieces much faster than it does when you stick to the manual grinding approach. Therefore, such devices are perfect for those who are often in a hurry or just don’t like waiting for too long.

Cons of electric grinders

1) Build quality

The fact that electric grinders are mostly made of plastic makes people question their quality and for a reason. We all know that plastic is not a strong material; it definitely can break under the right conditions. An electric tobacco grinder consists of blades that are made of metal, a motor, and screws that keep the whole thing together. Even though such devices are so easy to use, they don’t really seem like things that could last you a really long time.

2) Consistency of ground up weed

When using electric grinder herb of yours won’t get ground up as nicely as it does according to the manual way of grinding, that’s why there are some problems with consistency of your weed afterward. If you grind for too long, you may not even notice how your weed turns to powder which is not an option in regard to vaporizing and 1 hitters. And if you try to grind your herb less so you could avoid it turning to powder, it’s possible to end up with a mix of leaves that are ground too much, those that could use more grinding and some that are actually perfect, and that is not so great.

This issue is easily avoided when using manual grinders since they have holes that allow perfectly ground up weed to fall through into the next compartment and escape further grinding.

3) Design

Let’s be honest – when you look at electric marijuana grinder, it’s really hard to be satisfied with its design. All of them look quite cheap and like they’re made of very low-quality materials. It feels like these grinders can break pretty easily, and that what makes you regret buying them almost instantly. There are some electric devices that have an aluminum body but don’t get fooled by those grinders since their grinding compartment is made of plastic anyway.

electric grinders


In conclusion, it’s fair to say that such grinders are a nice option for those who don’t like to put much effort to the process of grinding and prefer to get their weed chopped to tiny pieces as quickly as possible. But if you want a grinder that won’t let you down in regard to its quality and grind your herb to the perfect consistency, electric device might be not the right choice for you.


Electric herb grinder
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