If you decide to buy a grinder for yourself, you shouldn’t worry at since such devices are absolutely legal to sell for use when it comes to recreational / medical marijuana.

But, of course, before buying such devices you need to know for sure which one you should get since there are different types of grinders on the market.

If you don’t really know anything about bud grinders – don’t you worry, in this article we’re going to introduce you to the best options.

Here are the types of weed grinders you should pay attention to.

Types of metal weed grinders

Titanium metal grinders

space-case-grinderThe best titanium metal grinder is a big device that is called Space Case. Titanium is a great material for grinders since their teeth can stay sharp forever. Also, titanium is quite light, and therefore such devices are not that heavy. After purchasing the Space Case grinder you will definitely have some quality party time.

Aluminum metal grinders

metal alluminium grinderWhen it comes to aluminum type of grinders, one of the greatest devices is the Mega Leaf bud grinder. There’s a special touch to it – a rubber seal that makes free flow grinding possible. This grinder truly can mulch your smoke in the best way imaginable. Moreover, it even makes the little calyxes ground down into tiny pieces which is just amazing for people who prefer rolling joints using marijuana rolling papers. Stalk gets ground down as well – to the point that you can’t even see it.

Another great aluminum grinder is the Zeus Swing Arm one. This device is made of anodized aluminum of aircraft quality – it really does its job spectacularly well. The best thing about it is probably the swing arm option that allows free flow grinding. It’s also convenient to use when you need a good chop for a herb vaporizer. Also, it collects all the valuable kief you get in the process of grinding marijuana.

Basically, metal types of bud grinders work wonders in regard to not only chopping weed but also storing kief and they will last you a long time.

Types of plastic / acrylic weed grinders

Composite plastic grinders

The best grinder of this kind is the Med+Tainer device. It is made of an extremely strong composite plastic material, that’s why the blades of this grinder are so sharp – they will grind your weed perfectly.

Acrylic grinders

acrylic_grinderSuch devices are made of space age extra strong acrylic material. These grinders are rather hard which means that they won’t break even if you use them every day for a long time. They are hold together by a magnet, that makes them easy to take apart but at the same time there won’t be any problems during grinding because they’ll hold strong.

Plastic and acrylic types of grinders are quite affordable, and that’s what makes them perfect options for those people who are on a budget.

Different types of grinders
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