If you need a grinder to shred marijuana, tobacco or herbs into a product with the most potent qualities, then you should be looking at high end accessories available in the market. Not all of the accessories may boast top notch quality – in fact, many of them will break after a short while. You need a durable and long lasting solution. Let us introduce chromium crusher – a premium grade accessory that will keep running over an extended period of time.

Chromium Crusher Review

Basically, it is a shredder that consists of 4 pieces. Its comes in a variety of sizes from 1.6 to 2.5 inches with a height of 1.75 inches. On top of that you can add a sharp edge to the accessory thanks to a wide range of colors ranging from classic black to stunning purple. This way you can get a high quality product with exquisite looks.

Let’s take a closer look at the chromium grinder’s quality, mainly its shredding ability. The teeth in this device are shaped like diamonds and are as tough as nails produced from top quality metal. These features make the capabilities of the Crusher optimal for everyday use. The material used for this particular grinder is heavy duty zinc alloy that maintains its quality over years of use. The edges move smoothly as you rotate the lids.

Just like every other top grade sherred, the chromium crusher grinder features a magnetic cover that prevents the top from sliding off at the wrong time. However some users claim that the magnets are not strong enough to prevent any accident, thus you should still exercise caution when grinding. You don’t want to lose your weed, do you? Here’s a handful tip – don’t turn the case upside down and you will be alright.


Now why are the 4 piece shredders so much better than 2 piece grinders? The chromium crusher website suggests that the difference lies in a small yet utmost important detail – the built-in screen that helps you capture the best pieces of weed that are produced while grinding. You need this in order to experience the most potent effect that plant material may yield. The precious leftovers that are even better than the main material are called kief – the ability to harvest it efficiently makes a big difference.

Pros and cons


  1. With a 4 piece grinder you can get the best effect for your money;
  2. Solid zinc casing ensures that your shredder serves a lifetime so that you can enjoy top grade performance;
  3. Diamond shaped edges allow for smooth shredding. No catching.

Are there any disadvantages worth mentioning? We want to deliver a comprehensive review; here are a few things that need to be said. Unfortunately, the magnets are not that strong as you might imagine. The contents of the container may spill if you are not careful enough;

Let’s sum things up

We would like to point out that Chromium Crusher is a top end shredder that maintains high quality over years of use. Your stoner pals will love you for a high quality accessory that let you enjoy the most of your favorite herbs.

See the market ads for prices – you will be glad to find out that the Chromium Crusher is rather affordable. You might also want to check out the Space Case and the Santa Cruz shredders after this chromium crusher review.

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Chromium Crusher grinder
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Chromium Crusher grinder