cheap grindersWhen it comes to purchasing a weed grinder, it really depends on what exactly you’re looking for. While using such search queries as “how much is a weed grinder”, “weed grinder prices”, “weed grinders cheap”, etc., you can make sure yourself that there are some that may cost only a couple of dollars (and you can usually find them at any gas station) but, of course, you get what you pay for which is, basically, nothing. As a rule, most cheap herb grinders are either acrylic or plastic, and both of these options aren’t really that great since you will end up inhaling those toxic fumes and possibility even getting plastic shaving in your weed.

That’s why investing in a high-quality device would be the best choice. Of course, those are not really cheap weed grinders – they cost more than plastic or acrylic ones. However, good grinders will obviously last you much longer and you won’t have to put your health in danger while using them. By the way, if you think that any metal grinder will do, then you’re wrong, because even though it seems like a reasonable thing, some of such devices’ teeth can break as well sooner or later. And, trust us, you don’t want that metal shaving in your herb.

When wondering how much does a grinder cost, you need to determine what exactly do you need that device for – if you require it for medical usage, then we recommend you to look at Santa Cruz Shredder since it would be the perfect option in that case.

It’s possible to find decent 2 piece weed grinders for ~$20-25 but still those ones lack a few important features.

All in all, we suggest you to look through some metal weed grinders that are made of high-quality material. Of course, you can see yourself on the Internet that when talking about how much are weed grinders, good metal ones are the most expensive. However, they are definitely worth the money since such herd shredders are literally perfect for daily use – you will get high-quality product and (including perfectly collected kief) in the end.

Like any other devices, when discussing how much do grinders cost, you can see right away that there are regular ones and high end ones. Obviously, shredders from the high end category cost more but they have all necessary features that will make the whole process of grinding weed and collecting kief so much easier for you.

Cheap weed grinders

Space Case Grinder

space-case-grinderFor example, the big Space Case Grinder is a high end device that includes 4 pieces, it costs around $50-60 (though the Titanium version is more expensive because of obvious reasons). But, again, it does its job amazingly well.

There is a small Space Case Grinder as well – it is a device that consists of 2 pieces and costs ~$25. It has the same quality as its bigger version so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. There is no kief compartment though but this grinder is really affordable, that’s why you just can’t go wrong with that.

Chromium Crusher

chromiumThis device includes 4 pieces, it is not as perfect as the Santa Cruz Shredder, but it will do if you don’t want to spend much on a weed shredder. It costs only about $10, which is definitely a good deal.


Mendo Mulcher

mendoThe Mendo Mulcher grinder is a 2 piece shredder that is made of high-quality materials, and therefore it will grind your herb really well. It’s cost is ~$22 – pretty affordable for such a great device.

Royal Herb Grinder

royal herbThis shredder is more expensive than the ones that are mentioned above but it is definitely worth it. You pay $30 for it but you’ll get pollen press as well – it’s definitely an option to consider.


In conclusion, it’s only reasonable to add that even though it’s clear that not everyone can afford buying a great weed grinder, it’s best to save up for one than to purchase one that will be low-quality. All plastic, wooden and faux metal devices will break really quickly so that it’s best for you to avoid those. And, of course, the cheapest herb shredders have a poor kief collecting system (or none at all) which is obviously not a good thing since this product is really valuable. That’s why we’d recommend you pay those extra $5-10 and get a good weed grinder that can last you a long time.

Where to look for a cheap but high-quality weed grinder?

Of course, the best place to get a good herb shredder at affordable price is online. Sometimes you can even find extremely good deals – 25% or even 50% off. Use our tips and choose a great 4 or 5 piece device for yourself. As a rule, such grinders originally retail for $75-100 but it’s possible to find them for $20-50 online, which is pretty awesome.


Cheap weed grinders
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