amoking accessoriesEvery year various companies all over the world come up with so many different gadgets that it’s literally hard to keep up with everything at once. Legal recreational marijuana industry is not an exception; there are lots of devices that basically revolutionize pot smoking. That’s why many businesses try to come up with new weed smoking accessories every year so that such ordinary devices as the pipe, the bong, and the one-hitter could turn into something fun and exciting for everyone who enjoys that kind of things. Creators of cool smoking accessories call themselves “ganjapreneurs”, they understand people’s need to spice up their weed smoking routines and that’s how sooner or later they become successful.

Of course, the legalization of marijuana and cannabis opened a lot of doors – now all creative ganjapreneurs can profit from it easily by coming up with more and more pot smoking and weed eater accessories whenever they have new ideas – possibilities are endless! They meet up at their marijuana business networking conferences, discuss plans about producing new cool weed stuff, smoke joints and make deals. That’s how it works, all thanks to the fact that now 19 states and the District of Columbia legalized medical marijuana and 2 states (Washington and Colorado) allow recreational adult use of cannabis. And who wouldn’t love them some fun cannabis accessories or marijuana smoking gadgets? By the way, using or possessing pot is still illegal, so keep that in mind.

There’s a Los Angeles-based company Royght! that creates great smoking weed accessories plans to release a gadget that you can put atop standard wax-paper cups that are used by basically all takeout restaurants. It is just amazing how many cannabis and marijuana accessories you can find online these days – and they definitely make your regular weed smoking routine such a fun experience!

The 30-year-old owner of Royght!, Matt Luxton, told a story about creating this device. He’s already tested 24 prototypes and believes that the 25th is going to be perfect for the market. Designing, manufacturing, and testing such weed accessories is definitely amazing for people who love smoking it themselves, that’s why they always try to improve their creations and come up with the best versions of them possible.

Luxton also said that some people absolutely love to fill the cup with their drink of choice (coffee, Coca-Cola, orange soda, even vodka – everything works) and smoke through that.


Here are some products that ganjapreneurs are working on at this point:

markA hidden bong

Let’s start from one of the best weed accessories we’ve ever heard of, the one that was mentioned above – that gadget by Royght! that turns any wax-paper cup into a water pipe. Max Luxton (the owner of Los Angeles-based Royght!) has already raised $140,000 for this project and needs $80,000 to make it a perfection. The product is expected to be released this year.

markKeep it classy!

Another great company that creates great weed accessories is New York-based Rodawg. Josh Gordon, CEO of that company, called it “a lifestyle brand for professional smokers”. Rodawg plans to release a full line of great marijuana smoking accessories that will have a classy look suitable for absolutely everyone.

markNot your regular storage jars

Another product of Rodawg – cool storage jars that even the most stylish people could like.

markModern weed holders

The owner of New-York based Quark, Ross Kirsh, who happens to be a medical marijuana patient, created a mid-concept weed holder with the focus on the product inside. This gadget has magnifying glasses instead of the top of the pot receptacle. Kirsh wants his invention to retail for $9,99 and for that he needs $50,000 more.

markPipes for businessmen

A Cleveland-based upstart, Buckle Puffer, is a project about producing discrete marijuana pipes that transform to stainless steel belt buckles. Samson Mastroianni, the inventor of this gadget, wanted to create a product that could be used even by professional businessman.

markCleaning system for your pipe

It is an obvious fact that a clogged pipe can definitely ruin you the whole smoking session. A San Diego-based company, KashIt, came up with an idea to create a hand-held device that will solve this problem quick and easy.

markAir conditioning + desinfection

Also, KashIt is developing a gadget for bong mouthpieces that can force the weed smoke through

the cooling system. This device is expected to have an antibacterial component as well, which is pretty amazing, especially for germophobe smokers.

markPortable vaporizers

A California-based company, UpToke, is working on a gadget that can heat your weed to a smoking point in a few seconds. Sounds exciting!

markSay NO to “cottonmouth”

Tired of this parched throat feeling after smoking weed? Don’t worry, there’s a possibility that you will be able to get rid of “cottonmouth” by chewing a special gum. How amazing is that?

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