acrylic_grinderIf you are looking for a new grinder and you are turning your eyes to an acrylic shredder, you should consider your choice carefully. Let us guide you through the pros and cons of using an acrylic grinder – you will see clearly all the dangers you may have to deal with if you decide to cut down on your expenses and grab an acrylic grinder.

A shredder is a great accessory to use as long it’s a high quality item manufactured from high quality materials. Don’t let low prices trick you! Find out more about the dangers of low end solutions.

7 reasons to avoid buying acrylic grinders

In this article we take a quick look at the most common issues that you may find yourself struggling with if you go for a plastic shredder.

ProsThe teeth feature low durability

The acrylic grinder can’t boast the top notch durability of solid aluminium items. Thus when it comes to cutting thick parts of the material, such as stems, the teeth may be ripped off and the tiny shards will be mixed up with the herbs. Besides, a shredder that is missing teeth can’t be effective – which means that you’ll have to get yourself a new device rather shortly.

Pros You may be inhaling vaporized plastic instead of marijuana or tobacco

As it was mentioned above, if you are using an acrylic grinder, the teeth may be torn off into the smoking material. You don’t want to inhale the chemicals emitted by burning plastic, do you? This leads to cancer after all.

Pros No pollen chamber

If you don’t know what pollen chambers are meant for, you may want to read other articles at our website. Basically, it will help you gather kief that is like a holy grail to stoners – extremely potent material that is produced as leftovers when you grind your herbs. With a special container attached to your grinder you can collect the most valuable parts with the help of a special kief screen. Acrylic grinders, however, lack this feature most often.

Pros The resulting material is not even

Using plastic as a material for the grinder’s teeth has only one advantage – they can be produced in various shapes. However this is not so crucial, while it features one disadvantage that may backfire heavily against you – the fragile edges can’t produce an even fluff. Want to experience a really potent effect from perfectly grinded material? Grab a high end aluminium shredder!

Pros The acrylic grinders are poorly made

What would you expect from plastic shredder that cost a few bucks and are generally sold at gas stations and convenience stores? These are no top quality items you want to use to get the best effect from your medical herbs.

Pros Why would you go for a low quality item if a good one costs just a few bucks more?

Add some $5 to the amount that you were about to spend on a cheap plastic shredder and grab a solid aluminium grinder that will last a lifetime and let you prepare some damn fine material!

Pros Acrylic shredder are basically meant for kids

Take a look at the design of an acrylic herb grinder. They are produced for teenagers and for grown ups; it is even less likely that someone would want to use it for professional purposes.

Acrylic herb grinder
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